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"Fortunately It's The Philippines" Says Reporter

This is why you should watch your words when you're on TV.
"Fortunately It's The Philippines" Says Reporter

When you're being recorded on the news, you should really choose your words wisely. A mistake in tone or wording can have disastrous results, like making it seem like you're happy that thousands of people have been killed, injured, and displaced in the Philippines due to the catastrophic typhoon which recently raged the nation. That's basically what happened to a TVA broadcaster who, in French, made it seem like it was a good thing that the storm only effected the Philippines. Check it out:

If you're not good with you're French, the sentence in question is at 0:14 seconds, when she states: "Heureusement, C'est les Philippines qui y goûtent" roughly translated as "Fortunately its the Philippines who experienced [the storm]." Yup, you read that right.

Now, I doubt that's actually what the anchor meant. She was probably (poorly) reading off of a teleprompter and used the wrong intonation in the sentence. Most likely, she was referencing how it was 'fortunate' that storms like this don't happen too often. Still, the words were spoken, and people are gonna be pissed.

On the other hand, maybe she did mean what she said. Maybe a brief glimpse of racism was captured on screen, and the anchor had a Freudian slip, acknowledging how it was a good thing the typhoon hit the Philippines, and not Montreal.

Regardless, this video shows just how fallible traditional media can be. Traditionalists look down on online and new media, even though the classics like television and radio are just as likely to fuck up, and tend to be supported by people and companies with their own bias views. No matter what the motivation for the controversial sentence, putting 'fortunately' into the same segment on a piece covering one the most devastating typhoons in recent history, with a death toll estimated at 10, 000, is not okay. Ever.

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