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Fox News Just Praised Doug Ford For Being The Trump Of Canada And He Loved It

The controversial premier is "Trumpian," according to host Stuart Varney.
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Fox News Just Praised Doug Ford For Being The Trump Of Canada And He Loved It

Doug Ford made an appearance on Fox News this morning to discuss his economic agenda for Ontario. 

Fox Business host Stuart Varney introduced the premier by pointing out that he had "taken a page from the Trump playbook" with his "jobs, jobs, jobs, mentality."

Varney went on to describe Ford's policies as "Trumpian," to which the premier replied, smirking, "I don't now about that."

Ford and Varney spend five minutes espousing the virtures of low taxes and "cutting red tape."

"Lets get Fox up to Canada!" "Doug," as he prefers to be called, tells Varney at the conclusion of the interview.

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The premier also used the opportunity to bolster his image by disparaging Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau.

After the interview, Ford took to the sidewalk to express pride at appearing on Fox News to "[tell] the world that Ontario is open for business."

You can watch the full interview on Fox News here.

Naturally, Canadians are expressing their disappointment that Ford would appear on a network that is criticized for its editorial line and rubber-stamping of Trump's worst tendencies.

Indeed, Doug Ford, like Trump, is often the subject of condemnation from opposition parties who decry the elimination of critical programs.

Just last week, for example,the Ford government cancelled a plan to plant 50 million trees in Ontario to combat carbon emissions and anchor topsoil.

Stay tuned for more news from "Ford Nation."

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