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France Bans Employees From Working Past 6pm

Every slacker's dream come true.
France Bans Employees From Working Past 6pm

There's no bigger damper to an evening with friends, than when your boss calls you to come into work early the morning. Well if you live in France, that call can now be legally ignored.

After numerous complaints from French employees about not getting paid for extra work, French labor unions have created a law that makes it illegal for anyone to do work-related tasks after 6pm.

In other words, employees are allowed to shut off their phones and are not held responsible for ignoring calls or emails past the shut-off time.

This initiative has been met with much distaste, as many feel that France's already lax attitude towards work will only be worsened, with many workers already cherishing in the extended lunches and nap breaks in the middle of the day.

Although this might sound nice for those who enjoy tuning out the minute they live work, it could be immensely detrimental  for tech companies and news outlets that rely on up-to-the-minute information.

It wouldn't be surprising if Montreal created a similar law, but it would likely be accompanied with an earlier last-call and closing time, seeing as you won't be held accountable for beginning your drinking at 6pm every night.

Would you like to see Montreal adopt the same law?

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