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France VS Quebec: Which Is The Sexiest French Accent (VIDEO)

A matchup for the ages.
France VS Quebec: Which Is The Sexiest French Accent (VIDEO)

Almost all accents are sexy. Sounding vaguely foreign just has some sort of sex appeal. And when it comes to accents, the French accent may be sexiest of all. 

But if French accents are super sexy, then the question is, which French accent is the sexiest of all?

Obviously, here in Montreal, the Quebecois accent reigns supreme. Folks from France, however, may have a different opinion. And if you’ve ever heard a France-born Francophone ridicule the Quebec accent (haven’t we all?) you know that’s the case. 

Well, YouTube series Dating Beyond Borders decided to find out, creating a video all about the battle between the French accents. 

Titled “France VS Quebec: Sexiest French Accent,” the video asks three different individuals, all wearing blindfolds, to assess the sexy-levels of the accents they’re hearing. 

People from across Quebec and France are used as showcase the sexiness of each accent, with won winner being chosen in the end. Spoiler alert: the Quebecois accent doesn’t fare too well in the match up. 

See for yourself below, but remember, as the video explicitly says, a sense of humour is needed because “this is not to be taken too seriously.”

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