François Legault Is Quebec's Favourite Politician & Mayor Plante Is #3, Study Shows

The survey was done by Groupe Léger for Le Devoir.
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François Legault Is Quebec's Favourite Politician & Mayor Plante Is #3, Study Shows
  • A new study done for Le Devoir shows Quebec's favourite and least favourite politicians across the country.
  • The numbers show Quebec Premier François Legault is the province's favourite, with Mayor Valérie Plante also scoring high.
  • Also noted in the survey is that Quebecers don't really know most of their politicians.

Quebec's Premier François Legault is the province's favourite politician, according to a Groupe Léger survey conducted for Le DevoirThe leader of the CAQ polled at an unprecedented 63% approval rating compared to other politicians across the country. Mayor of Quebec City, Régis Labeaume, and Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante round out the top three, trailing Legault at 55% and 50% approval, respectively.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the other hand, only has an approval rating of 43%. The Prime Minister is one of the top three least favourite politicians in Quebec, in fact, trailing former Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer (64% unfavourable) and Quebec Liberal MNA Gaétan Barrette (63%). 

One of the surprise results of this survey is that NDP leader Jagmeet Singh was on par with Mayor Plante at 50% approval and only 21% unfavourable. 

The survey was conducted amongst 1,010 Quebecers between December 13 and December 16. Le Devoir admits that while those politicians who polled favourably can be optimistic about the present, a survey of this kind isn't a barometer of future success.

When a similar survey was conducted for Le Devoir in 2015, former Montreal mayor Denis Coderre and former NDP leader Thomas Mulcair polled at over 60% approval and few negative opinions. Both were ousted from their positions shortly after that survey. 

Since Legault's return to politics, he's enjoyed high favourability from the public. Even more surprising is how well he's sustained his public popularity. 

Christian Bourque, vice-president at Léger, notes that Quebec's premiers often have a negative opinion but Legault is a unique case who has escaped overall public scrutiny for his entire tenure as Premier. 

Translation: I had a great time this afternoon with children from Sir Rodolphe-Forget school, who were participating in a Christmas Eve organized by MP @Milie_Foster! Since they were nice all year, I had the pleasure of distributing gifts to them with ... the real Santa Claus!

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Other politicians that are held in high esteem in the eyes of the Quebec public include CAQ Minister Marguerite Blais (49% approval) and Quebec Solidaire co-spokesperson Manon Massé (46% approval).

Massé's colleagues, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois and Catherine Dorion don't benefit from her high approval ratings, at 38% and 34% disapproval respectively. 

The survey revealed a troubling consistency that Quebecers know very little about their politicians overall. Out of the 65 politicians on the survey, less than a third were known by the respondents. 

Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette, arguably the CAQ's most prolific MNA, thanks to his role in Bill 21, was unknown by 48% of Quebecers. Geneviève Guilbault, Deputy Premier of Quebec, was unknown of over 60% of respondents. 

Translation: It was a pleasure to kick off the Semaine québécoise des relations interculturelles today. The SQRI represents a privileged opportunity to meet new people, exchange ideas and create new networks.

The vice-president of Léger notes that for the most part, Quebecers are unaware of who the politicians in office are. 

Who's your favourite Quebec politician? 

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