FREE Alchohol Block Party Under A 40-Foot Tent In Montreal's St-Henri Tonight

Celebrity guests include Biz Markie, Chromeo, Corey Shapiro and more.

Montreal's resident Maestro of Fresh is adding a new skill to his repertoire, cold-pressing his way to the freshest juice in the city, and birthing yet another vivacious concept that is sure to solidify St-Henri as the official cool kid once and for all.

Only responsible for the most mint coifs and fades, as well as providing seriously delicious vintage frames to the stars, the man with the golden car, Corey Shapiro along with partner P-Thugg of Chromeo are finally opening Juicyy Lab, their answer to next-level nutrition for health-conscious Montrealers.

To celebrate the grand opening of Juicyy Lab happening tomorrow, Corey is throwing a monster bash tonight that will be nothing short of absolutely Notorious. The official Lobster Clam Jam pre-party, "Gin & Juicy" is no doubt going to be a rager, kicking it old school with plenty of gin and juice for the whole city of Montreal with special guest Biz Markie amongst others. Chromeo will also be on hand to keep things groovy, and Corey told us that that the original master of funk himself, Prince, in town for his surprise show tomorrow, may just make an appearance as well.

Long story short, drop whatever it is you think you have planned ce soir and turn up at Juicyy Lab for the Gin & Juicy block party, or suffer from unbearable fomo like never before. Oh, did we mention that it's free open bar...

Check out the the Gin & Juicy Facebook Event for more details and get ready to rage Montreal!

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