Free All-You-Can-Eat Conveyor Belt Sushi On Crescent Street For Students Is Next Week

Photo cred - Mark Ramelb Photography

Conveyor belt sushi, sushi-go-round, the sushi train, all are terms used for "Kaiten-zushi," where pieces of sushi literally go round and round in front of your table for you to pick up and eat. Kyozon on Crescent street is one of the only Montreal Japanese restaurants to use the Kaiten system, and next month, they're hosting the most delectable event ever for students.

On February 10th, from noon to 2pm, Kyozon will be throwing their annual (even though its technically the first one) Student Day, where all those with a valid student ID can get free, all you can eat sushi on a conveyor belt. Best deal ever? Yes, yes it is.

The free sushi action is limited in duration, however, as you will only be able to freely gorge on the sushi-go-round for 15 minutes. Still, that's 900 seconds of time where you can stuff your face full of sushi, which is more than enough time for us. Just be sure to arrive early, because there will be a lot of people.

Doors open at 11am, and be sure to get there early because there's already over 2, 500 students expected to arrive.

Kyozon's first All You Can Eat Student Day is going down on Tuesday, February 10th from 12pm to 2pm. Head to the official event page for more details.

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