Free Batman Comic Book Launch Party Tonight At Montreal's Bar Le Ritz

Gotham Academy starts classes in Montreal.
Free Batman Comic Book Launch Party Tonight At Montreal's Bar Le Ritz

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Bat-fans, get excited, because this is a bar event tailored to all the avid readers of all things happening in Gotham city, the home of the world's greatest detective. Tonight, Bar Le Ritz will play hose to the launch of DC's newest comic book "Gotham Academy," an original series all about being a young student in Batman's city.

Entirely free and set to start at 7pm, the launch of Gotham Academy will have the three creators (Becky Cloonan, Karl Kerschl, and Brenden Fletcher) on-site for signing of copies and who will also be part of a live Q&A. That'll be your chance to ask about the new series, and get a professional opinion on the ongoing debate of "who would win: Batman or Superman?" Given the setting of the new series, though, the answer may be a bit biased.

Gotham Academy focuses on the life and times of students at Gotham's premiere prep school, which sounds a little dull, but everyone knows anything that happens in the Dark Knight's hometown will be far from ordinary. Praised as a Bat-book with a different tone (in a good way) that utilizes a "fresh take" on Batman's world, all done with fantastic artwork, Gotham Academy looks to be a comic series definitely worth checking out.

To anyone anxious, Bruce Wayne is also the benefactor of Gotham Academy, so you can expect big ol' Bats to make an appearance sooner or later. Find out if it'll be the former or latter at the Q&A.

Gotham Academy's launch will be at Le Ritz tonight, October 2nd, starting at 7pm. Head over to the Facebook event page for more details.

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