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Free Brownies Are Being Given Out At Montreal's Juliette & Chocolat This Weekend

The new flavours will seriously appeal to your sweet tooth!
Free Brownies Are Being Given Out At Montreal's Juliette & Chocolat This Weekend

It's safe to say that everyone loves some free food giveaways. From all of the festivals this summer as well as the numerous deals by restaurants, you've probably had enough free food the last few months to get you through the winter. Even so, no one's going to complain if a new free goodie rolled into the city to herald in the new season.

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Well, luckily just that is happening. That's right everyone, more free food is coming your way and it seriously could not get any better than this. Montreal's favourite dessert restaurant Juliette & Chocolat is inviting brownie-enthusiasts around the city to come grab a FREE brownie to celebrate the new flavours coming to the shop.

Known for their incredible chocolate creations that you can't find anywhere else in the city, Juliette & Chocolat is taking things up a notch by hosting not only a place to get the best brownies in the city for no cost at all, but also a competition to identify which brownie stands above the rest.

Two new flavours will be available for people to taste for free: the matcha brownie and the tiramisu brownie. The best part is both goodies are gluten-free, so even our gluten-intolerant friends get the chance to attend this event!

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After choosing which brownie you'd like, the restaurant asks that you vote for your favourite on their Facebook page. The brownie that wins the competition will then be added to the official menu.

You can grab a free brownie at any of the restaurant's locations across Montreal on August 24, 25, 26. You may want to get there as soon as possible though, as there's only a limited quantity of the delicious treats available.

For more information on the event you definitely can't miss, click HERE.