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FREE Coffee In Montreal All Week

Find out where the pop-up bistros will be located.
FREE Coffee In Montreal All Week

Everyone in this city knows about 5 à 7. It's like happy hour but better because it has a french name. But this week you'll be able to enjoy a 7 à 11 ... a.m. Every day this week, Folgers will be setting up pop-up bistros around Montreal where you can get your morning caffeine fix for free.

There will be 11 stops in Montreal, here are the locations for this week:

  • Wednesday, September 2: 7:00 am to  11:00 am - corner of  Bleury / Viger
  • Thursday, September 3: 7:00 am to  11:00 am - corner of Robert Bourassa / René-Lévesque
  • Friday, September 4: 7:00 am to  11:00 am - Square Victoria

So if you're in the area, take a break a go get yourself a free coffee. 

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