Montreal Free Coffee Week Has Begun

The best deal ever.
Montreal Free Coffee Week Has Begun

No matter how bad of a morning you're going through, there's one thing that will always perk you up: life-giving coffee. But as magical as a good brew of java can be, a cup of Joe is made all the better when you get it for free, as rare as that may be.

Well, in Montreal, free caffeine won't be much of a rarity, as you'll be able to get gratis coffee all week. At a McDonald's, that is.

In celebration of the mighty coffee bean, McDonald's Canada is giving all patrons the chance to enjoy some free coffee this week. The whole promotion began yesterday (sorry to be late everyone) and runs 'til this Sunday.

The process couldn't be simpler, either. Just go into a McDonald's/McCafé, order a small coffee, and you won't pay a cent. Not a bad deal if I do say so myself.

Montreal Free Coffee Week, put on by McDonald's, is ongoing until Sunday, March 6th. For more details, head to the event's webpage here.

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