Free Coffee On Montreal's Saint-Laurent Street Today

Get your morning fix for free.

Walking to the office this morning, we here at MTL Blog thought it was going to be a rather normal and uneventful day. Things started off normally enough: the haul outta bed, the commute to our office on St. Laurent, the desperate need for caffeine to offset our seemingly endless lack of sleep. But things changed once we hit St. Laurent and Prince Arthur. The morning just became amazing, because, well, free coffee.

Folgers, who we now bow down to as our morning coffee saviour, is parked right around the corner of St. Laurent and Prince Arthur, by the parking lot with all of the murals, and is handing out coffee to the masses. Just go up to the truck, ask for a coffee, and the Folgers reps will gladly comply. Cream, sugar, and splenda are also on-hand, in case you don't go black with your java.

To help keep you caffeinated, Folgers is also giving out take-away samples of their "Black Silk" dark coffee roast and Keurig capsules. Get your first cup of the day prepared for you, then take those samples to the office/home to make some more when yo inevitably need more coffee in the afternoon, all for free. God bless Folgers. And no, we weren't paid to say that, we just f*cking love coffee, especially when its free.

Were not exactly sure why Folgers is giving out the liquid love this morning, and in truth, we don't really care as long as free coffee is involved. The promotion is likely an extension of Folgers' recent "free coffee days" that went down last week. Hopefully we keep seeing the Folgers truck pop up unannounced in the city a few more times, if we can be so lucky.

Folgers will be handing out free coffee until 11am this morning, so if you're on the way to work or school, make a detour to St. Laurent and Prince Arthur. Not like you can deny the siren's call that is free coffee anyway.

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