FREE Fortune Teller In Montreal

Find out what the future holds.
FREE Fortune Teller In Montreal

Do you read the horoscope on your way to work every morning? Do you measure your "love compatibility" based on your partners's astrological sign? Do you routinely binge watch episodes of Long Island Medium?

Well my friends, I'm sorry to say that you might be addicted to fortune tellers, and you're not the only one.

People are obsessed with learning about their future. Just take a look at any Metro or 24h newspaper, they usually have at least a page and a half dedicated to horoscopes and fortune tellers.

But if you don't feel like paying people to find out what your future holds, there is an alternative.

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Saturday, February 27th is Montreal's Nuit Blanche and to Celebrate LA TOHU is hosting a FREE Circus Freak Show.

Of course, no freak show would be complete without a fortune teller, so if you've ever wanted to consult one but didn't feel like spending a fortune (Get it? ...Fortune), here's your chance.

Check out La TOHU's Freakshow for more details.

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