Any Montrealer Can Get A FREE Gym Membership By Not Drinking For A Month

A month off the hooch will get you free gym access.
Any Montrealer Can Get A FREE Gym Membership By Not Drinking For A Month

Photo cred - Lara

Drinking and going to the gym are not the likeliest of pairs. Actually, the two are nearly antithetical; drinking creates hangovers which will keep you from the gym and anytime you plan to go workout all you want to do is drink instead. We wish there was a way to bridge the gap between the two, but in February, you may finally have the incentive to give up one for the other.

Energie-Cardio, the chain of gyms found all around Montreal, is offering a special kind of incentive in February: if you give up drinking for the entire month then you will be able to go to any Energie-Cardio location free of charge, with the chance of winning special prizes throughout the month.

Giving up drinking for an entire month seems like a nigh impossible feat, but keep in mind February is the shortest month of the year. Factor in how much money you'll save not buying booze and not paying for a gym membership and you may have the right amount incentive, aside from your health at least.

While working on your fitness while keeping off the hooch, you are also tasked with donating a dollar a day to the Fondation Jean Lapointe, an organization dedicated to creating school programs aimed at preventing drug and alcohol abuse. Again, with all the money you're saving, a dollar is pretty reasonable, plus you'll be giving to a good cause. You win, the kids win, and your liver gets a needed break. Sounds like a solid February.

Although how Energie-Cardio will actually know whether you're drinking or not remains a mystery/probably isn't even a thing, so if you really want to drink, you probably could, you know, if you lack all will power.

Find out more by heading to the Fondation Jean Lapointe's 28-day challenge site here.