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You Can Now Give Free Rides To Your Friends Who Don't Have OPUS Cards

Your friends are going to love you.
You Can Now Give Free Rides To Your Friends Who Don't Have OPUS Cards

Are you a metro user? Well then chances are you have an OPUS card.

We recently discovered that your OPUS card can get you more than just a metro ride, it can also give you access to a ton of great deals

You can check out all the special offers right here.

But there's another special deal you can take advantage of. One that will grant you the power to hand out FREE bus and metro rides to your friends like some kind of public transportation wizard.

We're not kidding.

It's called the Maestro Status and you probably already qualify for this and just haven't realized it yet.

All you have to do is subscribe to any of the following STM programs for more than a year.

  •    OPUS à l’année
  •    OPUS & Cie
  •    Duo Car + Bus with Communauto
  •    Trio BIXI-Car-Bus with Communauto

With Maestro status, you can use your metro card to ride the RTC in Quebec City for free and you get free rides for your friends from 6:00 pm to 5 a.m. on week days and all day long on weekends right here in Montreal.

For more details or to see if you qualify, check out the STM's website.

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