Free Montreal Olympic Stadium Tower Rides This Winter

Enjoy the view at zero charge.
Free Montreal Olympic Stadium Tower Rides This Winter

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Certain Montreal attractions and activities are often done by tourists, but seldom by Montrealers living in the city. When you live here, you just kind of have that I-can-do-it-anytime-thus-never-will thought pattern about certain landmarks, like the Olympic Stadium's Observation Tower.

Many of you have probably never been to the top of the Olympic Tower, likely because you didn't want to pay money to see a city you live in from high up. Normally it costs $15 to reach the top of the Olympic Tower, a legitimate excuse not to take a tour, though the Olympic Stadium is offering a sweet deal to anyone with an OPUS card: free Olympic Tower rides and tours.

The Montreal Olympic Stadium let the city know about their new offer via Facebook, with their status stating that anyone with an OPUS card can head to the yellow Exalto booth in the Winter Village and get a free pass to ride up to the top of the city in the Olympic Tower.

Going to the top of the Olympic Tower may not be the most glamorous or exciting of activities, but hey, at least it's free. Besides, you'll probably have more free time than you know what to do with over the holidays, so you mine as well take up the Olympic Stadium's offer and get in on the free Olympic Tower rides while they last. Pair it up with a session in the Winter Village ice rink and you have a legit plan for a day.

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