Free Montreal Pizza Pizza Day

What is better than free pizza?

Do you like pizza?

Well Pizza Pizza on July 1st 2014 the official Montreal moving day will be giving out free pizza to people moving all around the city.

This will mark their 7th year of doing such a thing. Last year in total over 300 pizzas were delivered free of cost.

They understand your struggle and want to lend a helping hunger killing hand to the great people of the city.

Who: Montreal's 22 Pizza Pizza locations

When: July 1st 2014 between 11:00am & 5:oopm

How: Keep a look out for many of their official Pizza Pizza orange livery cars driving around and wave them down, if they see you moving they are stopping!

Bonus: Make sure to tweet at them as early as possible so they know where to bring the pizza!

Are you moving next Tuesday?


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