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11 Montreal Things To Do With Your Significant Other This December 2015

The most romantic time of the year.
11 Montreal Things To Do With Your Significant Other This December 2015

Alright guys, December is finally here. Those of you who are in a relationship, I know the struggle. You've got to save money for your bae's Christmas gift - but you've also got to do a bunch of cute, wintery things with them. So what do you do? Where's the solution? How do you turn this into a win-win?

Friends, I'll tell you how: free, cute things for you and your significant other to do, all throughout the month of December. Yes. Free. Don't believe me? Well, you're in luck, because I've got a list of Free Montreal Things To Do With Your Significant Other In December 2015.

1. Cozy up together in the park and listen to a free Christmas concert.

2. Bust out the old toboggan and go sledding down your favourite snowy hill together.

3. Get jazzy with your sweetheart for a free jazz date night.

4. Get those sparks flying and watch some free Christmas fireworks.

5. Stroll through the Christmas Market at Ste. Anne de Bellevue, and admire the local talent.

6. Hike up to the cross on Mount Royal together. When you're done admiring the beauty in front of you, admire Montreal's gorgeous skyline.

7. Make beautiful music together at the Luminotherapie installation.

8. Go to the Verdun Santa Claus Olympics, and enjoy a day of festivities with your sweetheart.

9. Bring your S/O to your favourite park. Pack a lunch for a winter pic-nic.

10. Hold your partner's hand as you stroll through the Christmas-ized Parc des Compagnons.

11. Stroll through one of many Christmas villages together, and window shop for a Christmas tree while you're at it.

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