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Free Montreal Yeh! Yogurt Day Is Today

Rain or shine, you will get some free Yeh! today.

Photo cred- Yeh! Yogurt

School has begun and summer is in the rear view mirror, but get ready to get back into a sunny mood because the weather will be clearing up for the magical day you've been waiting for.  Get excited for free Yeh! Frozen Yogurt Day in Montreal.

Today, Thursday, September 11th, Yeh! is giving back to the city and making Montrealers happy with a delicious (and healthy) frozen yogurt. With over 60 rotating flavours and boatloads of toppings (not part of the freebie), Yeh! will definitely have something you'll enjoy. So you're prepared, here's the basic breakdown:

  • Who: Yeh! Frozen Yogurt
  • Where: 1651 St. Catherine, corner Guy location (map)
  • When: Thursday, September 11th from 3pm-5pm
  • What: 4oz cups of whatever yogurt you like + a whole lot of pink sports cars like Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porsches will be on site + a whole lot of swag for the first 200 visitors
  • Why: Because free is amazing, and frozen yogurt is delicious

Don't forget, this event is happening from 3-5pm, that's 2 hours only! (maximum 1,000 Yeh! cups), be sure to arrive early!

Concordia students have it made, being so close to the event, although McGill kids and all of Montreal will definitely be making the trip to get their free frozen yogurt. Expect a crowd, but it'll be worth it.

Yeh! is really stepping up its game this fall, meaning you'll come for the free yogurt, but keep coming back for their exciting new offerings. Health nuts will be able to get "Shakes n' Shots" (smoothies with added health boosts) and those who like it a little more decadence can expect to enjoy waffle iron grilled cheese, and the entire brand is going global, with locations in China and the Middle East which means you'll be seeing Yeh! well beyond Montreal.

Jon and Marvin Gurman are the the twin brothers behind the concept. These two never stop, and a new restaurant concept is even in the works. Not much is known about the project, or what kind of food they'll be making, but expect something similarly trendy and interesting as Yeh!'s take on frozen yogurt.

Be sure to LIKE Yeh! on Facebook for more updates and VISIT their official website for their full list of offerings

Get your free Yeh! frozen yogurt on September 11th in Montreal, and make the month a little more amazing.

Photo cred- Yeh! Yogurt