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Free Entrance To Over 30 Montreal Museums This Spring

The Museum Of Fine Arts, Planetarium, Biodome, and more!

Show of hands: who here loves checking out museums?

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Okay, maybe that was a dumb question. Literally everyone loves checking out museums. They're entertaining, fun, and you learn a whole lot, too.

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In fact, the only downside about museums might be the price (for some people); and if it is for you, then I've got some great news.

Entrance to many Montreal museums will be free this year on Montreal Museum Day: Sunday, May 28.

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Hosted by MTL Museums, the official program isn't out yet.

But last year's event featured free entrance to the Biodome, Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts, Planetarium, and more.

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Plus, this year's event is going to be extra special for Montreal's 375th anniversary. So you know there's some super cool surprises in store.

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For more information and updates, check out Montreal Museum's website.

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