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Free Nintendo Gaming Station Installed At Montreal's B1 Bar On St-Denis Street

Drink and stay to play all the games hooray.
Free Nintendo Gaming Station Installed At Montreal's B1 Bar On St-Denis Street

When a bar has a terrace, expertly trained bartenders who create epic cocktails, and an atmosphere that fuses swanky + chill, like Bar B1 does, how do you make it better, if that's even possible? The answer is actually a lot more simple than you'd think. Just add in a bunch of video games to play for free.

Bar B1 knows what the people (at least the alcoholic gamers) want, and that's a plethora of game system to drunkenly duke it out with friends while sipping on drank. Keeping it old and new school, Bar B1 will now let you play SNES, XBox, PS3, Wii, and N64, meaning you'll get a hot mix of classic and modern games to play. No next-gen at the moment, but we're fine as long as Super Smash Bros is on the playlist.

The official announcement for the new gaming options at Bar B1 came via Facebook, with two more surprises apparently in store for all Bar B1 patrons. A permanent and fully free video game station is pretty epic, so we're incredibly jazzed to see what else Bar B1 has in store later in the week.

Keep up to date on the next awesome announcements by checking out Bar B1 on FB here. Now the only question that remains is: what game will you be playing?

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