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Free Outdoor Things To Do At Montréal En Lumière 2016

Everyone's favourite winter playground returns to the city!

As it has done every February for the last 16 years and counting, Montréal en Lumière returns for its 17th edition to brighten up the city and take back those dark winter nights! With Shenzhen as this year's grand featured city, Montreal's Festival of Lights is bursting with 17 days of extra special flavor packed full of magical food, art, performances, and entertainment you won't find anywhere else.

While there are at least 45 Things To Do At Montréal En Lumière, it's really the myriad of free and colourful outdoor activities taking place at Montreal's Place des festivals that always draws the biggest crowds. No matter your age, guaranteed fun and excitement await you at everyone's favourite winter playground this February 18 - March 5.

Here are our top picks Free Outdoor Things You Can Do At Montréal en Lumière 2016!

The Chinese Ferris Wheel & Hello Kongzi Dome

A festival favorite, this year the Ferris wheel honors Shenzhen, offering a magnificent view of all the festivities, along with the hundred or so miniature figures personifying various philosophers and sages from traditional Chinese culture.

Right next to that, check out the giant 4.5m ice sculpture, and the Hello Kongzi Dome featuring information on Kongzi (Confucius himself), Chinese shadow puppet workshops, and Chinese lantern workshops, where you get to create your very own works of art.

The RBC Tyrolean Zip-Line

Soar from De Bleury Street almost all the way to St. Urbain Street on this 2.0 sound-and-light version of the RBC Tyrolean Zip-Line powered by Arbraska.

Le Lait Urban Slide

Ride the 110-meter ice slide, complete with lighting and sound effects, which also includes a mini-slide for kids and a grilled-cheese bar

"L’Îlot de chaleur" Bonfire

Controlled by the effect of human warmth, this bonfire made from special bulbs flashes to life as festival fans move and dance around, creating heat, light and music! This is a taste of the upcoming Illuminart collection of technological marvels, which will be formally launched for Montreal’s 375th anniversary in 2017.

Espace Financière Sun Life

Musicians, dancers, jugglers, fire eaters and street performers take turns thrilling and amazing festival goers with feats of circus artistry!

Espace Casino de Montréal

With a redesigned, full-on, delightfully kitschy Tiki vibe, Espace Casino de Montréal is back to contrast Montreal’s winter with the warming colours of the South Seas! Featuring delicious menus, fantastic décor, music, entertainment, and fabulous cocktails, check out the fiery percussion demonstrations, live ice sculptures, and wild surfing duels happening Thursdays, February 18 and 25, from 5 to 8 p.m.

Shenzhen Pop Music Show

One of Shenzhen’s leading pop groups, Jam You descends on Montreal to deliver an astonishing blend of folk, rock, hip-hop and traditional Chinese music.

Thursday, February 18

Boogie Wonder Band

Crazy costumes, wild choreography, and classic hits powered by brass, keyboards, singers, percussion and strings, the Boogie Wonder Band is bringing their disco fever to Montreal!

Saturday, February 20

Elvis Gratton Picture Show

Assembling the greatest Elvis Gratton moments, enjoy music courtesy of Misteur Valaire, live onstage, packed with dancing, crowd interaction, costumes, and surprises celebrating Quebec’s very own King!

Saturday, February 27

Les Vikings Arena Rock

After their spectacular staging of Pink Floyd’s The Wall last year, Les Vikings return to blow up the Place des Festivals with a repertoire of hits dedicated to all you true rock fans.

Saturday, March 5

Check out the Montréal en Lumière website and Facebook Page for complete info and schedules.