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Two Free Piknic Electronik Days For The Next Two Weekends

A weekend full of music is a good thing.

Photo cred - Nicolas Dupont

Piknic Electronik is giving Montreal two weekends of fun in the sun, with special Saturday Piknic events for the next couple of weeks. Put on in collaboration with Les Week-end du Monde, Parc Jean-Drapeau will become a cultural and musical extravaganza all weekend long.

This weekend, on July 5th, will be the first combo Piknic-du Monde, with 5 DJs performing, including Poirier. Saturday Piknic continues onwards onto July 13th with another set of 5 DJs. On both Saturdays, sets will start at 2pm and the music will exceptionally keep flowing beyond the usual Piknic curfew and until 11pm. Actually all four Piknics of the next two weekends will be extended this way. A rare treat. If Sundays weren’t enough, here’s your chance to double your fun and stretch it!

Adding to the awesome is Week-ends du Monde, a huge, and entirely free festival that showcases the many cultures of Montreal. Look forward to showcases of cultural music, dances, and TONS of food, so even if you don't bring a legit picnic to Piknic, you'll be totally fine.

All the fun of Piknic + Week-end du Monde begins this weekend, and you can find all the info and any updates on the FB event page.

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