Free "Snow Yoga" In Parc La Fontaine Will Be Your Way To Stay Fit This Winter

Photo cred - @audrey_bernie

Keeping fit in the cold months of January and February isn't all that easy for many, especially if you don't have an uber expensive gym membership. Don't even bother getting one, though, because the borough of Plateau-Mont Royal is giving you a free fitness class that is seasonally out of the ordinary.

Taking yoga out of the studio, Plateau-Mont Royal is holding a "Snow Yoga" class in Parc La Fontaine that is entirely free. Yoga in the park is nothing new, but chances are you've never expererienced yoga in the park during winter.

Snow Yoga will be held every Saturday starting tomorrow, and continue all the way 'til March 7th. All snow yoga-ers are asked to bring your own mat, wear comfy/warm clothing, and bring along some tissues, because you'll no doubt have a runny nose at some point.

Each Snow Yoga class will begin at 10:30am with each session lasting a full hour. The meeting point will be Espace La Fontaine, specifically at 3933 avenue du Parc-La Fontaine. For more details head to the Plateau's official online event listing here.