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Free Things To Do With Your Girlfriend In Montreal This Summer

Relationships don’t have to be expensive.
Free Things To Do With Your Girlfriend In Montreal This Summer

Girlfriends can be great, there's no denying that, but they can also be very, very expensive. Those dinners and movie nights that you like to treat her to can really start to add up.

But come summer time, there's plenty of things that you and your girl can go out and do that won't be constantly thinning your wallet. To help you out, we've gathered 11 ideas that you can use for your next summertime date that are 100% free.

1. An excellent alternative to the typical movie night, change things up and take her to see a free outdoor movie.

2. Spend an afternoon hanging out @ the very cool Jardins Gamelin.

3. Have yourselves a beach day right in the heart of Old Port.

4. Go for a romantic picnic in any one of Montreal's parks.

5. Impress her with how cultured you are by taking her to the Museum of Fine Arts, free on the last Sunday of every month.

6. Do something a little different and check out the circus performances @ TOHU.

7. Have a relaxing Sunday lounging in the sun and taking in the music @ Tamtams.

8. Experience the Montreal Jazz Festival without having to pay a dime at their free outdoor performances.

9. Get your walking on and hike up the mountain. Maybe even take a super cute couple picture once you reach the top.

10. Check out the music, terraces and film screenings @ Montreal's boardwalk village.

11. If she's the athletic type, go with her to a yoga class. You might even like it yourself.

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