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Free Yoga At Montreal's Parc La Fontaine This Weekend

Post up and warrior pose in the park.
Free Yoga At Montreal's Parc La Fontaine This Weekend

Photo cred - Migas

Sundays in the are meant for outdoor chilling, either at Tams or at one of Montreal's many parks, but at Parc La Fontaine you can relax while also being a little fit. Each and every Sunday of summer, free-ish yoga classes are held at La Fontaine so you can rock your Rising Sun pose while actually being in the sun.

Yoga @ Parc Lafontaine goes down at 2pm behind the Obelisk of Charles De Gaulle, right by Sherbrooke and Plessis (map). The class is Hatha yoga session with all skill levels welcome, will be instructed in English + French, and you don't even need a mat because the grass is right under your feet.

For each session, there is a suggested donation of $10, so yoga in La Fontaine is free if you want it to be. But even if you do donate, ten bucks for a yoga session in the beauty of nature isn't exactly pricey.

Get more info and any updates at Yoga @ La Fontaine's official FB page.

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