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Warning: Montreal To Be Hit By Freezing Rain

Because it isn't a week in Montreal without a weather warning.
Warning: Montreal To Be Hit By Freezing Rain

Oh, it's Tuesday? Montreal must be due for another weather alert then. And look at that, right when you thought we were on the upswing out of winter, Mother Nature pulls a fast one and reminds us all that there is still enough of the season left to torment us some awful weather. Seriously, f*ck February.

This week's weather warning is brought to you by a "major weather system emerging from the Southern United States" that will invade southern Quebec tomorrow morning, according to Environment Canada.

The storm is going to start things off light with a downpour of soft snow, then ramp things up by the afternoon, with those magical frosty flakes turning into frozen pellets of doom otherwise known as freezing rain.

All that rain will then continue into Thursday, making for a double whammy of doom that will undoubtedly force you into not leaving your house for a couple of days. Fortunately, it should just be regular liquid rain, and not the bone-chilling frozen kind.

An exact amount of precipitation that will fall from Wednesday to Thursday has yet to be predicted (because it's Montreal weather and what even be the point to guess?) but something between 15cm to 25cm is expected.

But hey, as bad as a couple of days of freezing rain will be, it's not as if we're not used to it. And silver lining: the temperature is going to be around the 0°C mark, so even though frozen bits of death will be raining from the sky, at least we won't be crazy cold.

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