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French DJ Etienne de Crecy To Launch New Album For First Time In 10 Years

Hashtag My Ass brings your Instagram into the music.
French DJ Etienne de Crecy To Launch New Album For First Time In 10 Years

Photo cred - kjetikor

Social media has dominated your life. Don't try to deny it, we both know it's true. You tweet out every emotion, share anything that interests you on FB, and constantly snap photos of your daily existence on Instagram. Music and social media aren't strangers to each other, but French DJ Etienne de Crecy is bringing the two together in a way unseen before with his new album Super Discount 3 .

The third installment of the Super Discount series, Etienne de Crecy took a whole decade reinventing the original vibe and the album to match modern sounds. Taking old and integrating the new, the funk and house of the first album are fused with the techno mixes of the second. But what's really cool is how you get thrown into the mix. Check it out, Album releases tomorrow January 20th!

Playing off of society's obsession with themselves, and our addiction to social media, the music video for de Crecy's single (appropriately named "Hashtag My Ass") will actually have you in it. Well, your pictures, to be more precise.

A new kind of music-social media experience, you can literally bring yourself into the Hashtag My Ass music video by connecting with the song's sight via Instagram. That selfie you took when you looked extra sexy last Friday night, that epic skyline pic you snapped, your friends getting turnt, or whatever your Instagram feed may be will be integrated into the music video.

We all take Instagram photos so people will see them, and this'll give you a chance to have your life brought into a music video 10 years in the making. Become part of the music by heading to the Hashtag My Ass website here and listen here.