French Man Gets Away With Not Paying Speeding Ticket Because Cop Talked To Him In English

We in Quebec are used to the fact that someone was spoken to in English instead of French or vice-versa being a big deal. However, turns out that it can also get you out of a speeding ticket.

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A man in St-Pierre-Jolys, a small village in the south of Manitoba was pulled over for speeding but contested in court since he was not addressed in French and even the ticket was written in English. Under Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Official Languages Act, police must provide their services in both languages in regions that are officially designated as bilingual, like the village of St-Pierre-Jolys. This nullified the ticket and the driver, local lawyer Antoine Hacault got away scot free.

It sparked a rather large language rights debate in the local news but if you're ever in a pinch and you get pulled over, I wouldn't recommend trying this defence unless its last ditch effort.

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