Friday Guide To Osheaga 2013 - The Acts You Need To See Or Else

It's that time of year again Montreal, Osheaga is here to rip open our city's chest to insert audio bliss. The festival that perpetually grows has around 108 artists that are all poised to party with MTL. The festival sold out in an astonishingly single week so if you don't have your tickets yet, get on those third party vendors. Trust us it will be worth every penny. With the ridiculous amount of talented artists and groups that complete the line-up this year it is near impossible to select a day that will be better than the other two. It was also difficult to single out artists that we recommend you experience. It's like choosing your favorite ice cream on a hot day, they are all just so damn good. After much consideration; we devised a list of the stand out performances we highly suggest you experience first-hand. Stay tuned for Saturday and Sunday's must see artists in the following couple days. They will be followed by Friday's advised sensations posted below.

Vilify x Henward

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Two Door Cinema Club

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 See You There!