Eat and Drink

Fried Chicken + Poutine = The Fried Chicken Poutine

You will want to eat one of these before you die.
Fried Chicken + Poutine = The Fried Chicken Poutine

 Photo cred - Poutination

A gourmet sandwich shop in Anaheim has been using poutine to lure their clients in, and they're doing a hell of a good job. Poutine is hard enough to find in America and when you do find it, the gravy just doesn't taste right and the cheese curds are usually replaced by grated cheese. The Kroft Restaurant however make their poutines with REAL cheese curds and a medley of mouth-watering ingredients.

This is their Country style fried chicken poutine topped with bacon and green onions. Frankly they had us at "country style fried chicken" which look like the most perfectly seasoned crispy strips we've ever seen. Throw them inside delicious Quebec style poutine, toss some bacon on there and you have a meal that any Montrealer would be proud to eat 2:00am after night of heavy drinking.

The restaurant describes itself as a place the serves unique comfort food, specializing in gourmet sandwiches and poutines. They even take the time to explain the "exotic nature" of poutine to the poor souls who had no idea what they were missing.

And in case you were wondering they have a huge variety of poutines including these delicious creations:

The Breakfast Poutine

The Braised Short-rib Poutine

The Chicken Pot Pie Poutine

The Thanksgiving Poutine

Photo cred - Facebook/TheKroft