FRIENDS And The Office Are Probably Leaving Netflix

According to the Wall Street Journal and CNN, Netflix is struggling to maintain two of their most-watched TV shows, FRIENDS and The Office.

Because NBCUniversal is planning on launching their own streaming service as early as next year, it makes sense that they would want to be sole hosts of one of their most popular sitcoms of all time, The Office. 

Meanwhile, FRIENDS has reportedly cost Netflix somewhere in the realm of $80 - $100 million - a clue as to why the streaming service has increased in price since it's $9.99 beginnings. 

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TL;DR Netflix may lose two of its best shows as NBC launches its own streaming platform, which would own sole rights to The Office, and FRIENDS continues to be so expensive it may become impossible for Netflix to maintain. 

While Netflix doesn't share their data on who and how many people are watching which shows on the platform, there's no question that The Office and FRIENDS are some of the most-watched shows on the streaming site. 

So the news that these shows may soon become Netflix history is bound to be the tipping point for a lot of Netflix users.

According to CNN, NBCUniversal may continue to "license content to other studios and platforms" it is unlikely that they would not take the launch of their own platform to retain the sole rights to a huge hit show like The Office.

And the threat of losing FRIENDS seems to always loom on the horizon for Netflix because of the hefty price tag - which is inevitably passed onto the user.

With the news that NBCUniversal will be launching their own streaming platform and Disney Plus just mere months away, Netflix is going to need something more than endless original content to keep their place on the top of the streaming game.

It was the ability to re-watch timeless favourites that brought so many people to Netflix in the first place, and the loss of that is sure to disappoint users, particularly those who cling to The Office and FRIENDS for endless hours of entertainment.

We will update you when more details come to light. 

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