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This Is 100 Years Of Montreal STM Buses

Take a walk down STMemory lane.
This Is 100 Years Of Montreal STM Buses

Photo Cred - Peter Cox

Buses are a big deal in Montreal. So many residents use the giant automobiles to get where they need to go, which is why the city goes in an uproar anytime bus services are muff'd with.

But what about the buses themselves? In a city as old as Montreal, there's no doubt that the city's buses have had to keep up with the times. And they have. Just like a Charmander to a Charizard, the buses of Montreal have only gotten bigger and better as time has gone on.

I could give you a boring written history lesson, but who wants that. Learn with your eyes and check out the evolution of Montreal's buses below.

1910s: The OG Montreal Buses

1920s & 1930s: The Atwater Street Monster & The First Trolleybuses

This beast deserves it's title. For real, it looks like it's gonna transform and fight some Decepticons

1940s: The Golden Age of Trolleybuses

1950s & 1960s: Buses Own the Road

1970s & 1980s: Things Start Looking (mostly) Modern

 Those 80s uniforms are pretty fly. Wish we still enforced that dress code

The 1990s & 2000s: The STCUM Becomes the STM and Bio-Buses Roll on Out

Were you shocked by this bus evolution?

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