Frozen's "Elsa" Is Coming To Montreal

Idina Menzel is set to serenade the city in 2015.
Frozen's "Elsa" Is Coming To Montreal

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From little girls to corporate leaders to nearly every gay man in the world (myself excluded), everyone went nuts for Disney's 2013 film Frozen, a movie that sparked such a strong cultural reaction it actually became the highest grossing animated film of all time. The film's title track "Let It Go" largely contributed to the movie's massive success, with its inspiring theme and catchy tune, which you can (hopefully) see sung live in Montreal, by Elsa herself.

Idina Menzel, otherwise known as the voice of Elsa, or the original Elphaba from Wicked, will be going on tour next year, which will begin next July. Two Canadian performances are slated for the Broadway legend, with the first happening at Montreal's Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier on September 1st.

Menzel is quite the accomplished singer, having released five albums to date, so don't expect her concert to be solely Frozen tracks. But, given how everyone is probably going to expect her to sing "Let It Go," we wouldn't be surprized if Menzel belted it out, if only to appease the rabid fans who may (quite literally) go into a rage if they don't hear Elsa's anthem. Make sure you bring a big sign saying that's so to the concert, to really drive the point home.

As the single person who isn't a Frozen-fan on the face of the Earth (I know there are more out there, speak up kindred spirits!), even I'm excited to have Menzel perform in Montreal. For one, she is an amazing singer who will surely put on a good show, and second, "Let It Go" was actually a solid song, and maybe the only redeeming feature of the film. Call me a hater if you like, but the movie was way overrated, and most of the other songs, well, lets just say they didn't do it for my ears.

Idina Menzel/Elsa will be performing at Salle-Wilfrid-Pelletier on September 1st, get more info and updates at the Place des Art website here.

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