Fruit From California Recalled Due To Possible Contamination

Sweet 2 Eat doesn't live up to its name.
Fruit From California Recalled Due To Possible Contamination

If there was ever a reason to eat locally, this would be it. Fruits hailing from California, which may now be in the produce isles of Montreal groceries (and across Canada) are being recalled by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency due to potential bacterium contamination, CBC reports.

The fruits to look out for are peaches, nectarines, plums, and pluots with Sweet 2 Eat stickers on 'em, but they may also be labelled with Wawona or Harvest Sweet brand names. The CFIA has the full "do not eat list," with some pictures, right here.

The Sweet 2 Eat fruits (which is an ironic name given the situation) could be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes, a sneaky bacteria that won't make the fruit look bad/spoiled but can make you ill (vomit, nausea, fever, etc.) nevertheless. Nobody has been reported sick just yet, so don't be the first and watch what fruit you grab at the grocer.

If you happen to have already purchased these fruits, they should be taken back to the store or simply thrown out.  It may seem wasteful, but save yourself the vomiting session for Friday night, when you know its just alcohol and not some creepy infection.

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