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Fun Classes You Can Take At Concordia University Summer 2017

Something for everyone.
Fun Classes You Can Take At Concordia University Summer 2017

Well, guys, the winter semester at Concordia is (almost!) over. Do you know what that means?

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It means summer is slowly creeping closer and closer... and with it, the summer semester. But don't worry if you're dreading going to school in the summer.

Concordia actually has some super fun classes going on during the summer 2017 semester; here are just a handful you can look forward to this year.

Horror & Fantasy Films (FFAR 298-AA)

via @cufuturestudent

Film buffs, rejoice. This Fine Arts class focuses on horror and fantasy films, their lasting popularity, and their development throughout history. Which, I don't know about you guys, but sounds like a pretty fun time to me.

Social Construction of Sexualities (ANTH 375-AA)

via @cufuturestudent

TBH, most fascinating class ever. This Anthropology/Sociology class is divided into three sections: contemporary sexual beliefs and attitudes, the organizaation of those beliefs and behaviours, and theories on the biological and social influences of sexuality. Sounds like fun? You know it.

Media, Technology & Politics (POLI 368)

via @gorbulskygrams

If you're a fan of technology, then you're going to love this class. Examining how changes in technology and media influences society and polictical power, this class is probably going to get a little on the intense side - which makes it all that much more worth it.

Graffiti And Street Art (ARTH 398-CA)

via @thechloway

Honestly, I feel like this class was made to be taught in Montreal. This Art History course will be examining graffiti and street art in great detail, which, as I'm sure we all know, Montreal is kind of known for.

Introduction To Film Genres (FMST 213-AA)

via @virtual.utopia

Another one for the film lovers out there, this introductin course takes an in-depth look at the study of film. You'll be looking at aesthetics, historical contexts, and evolution of film; plus how this all relates to society and art cinema. Yass? Yasss.

Psychology And The Law (PSYC 242)

Literally one of my top five favourite classes at Concordia, this classic psychology course delves into how psychology factors into the law. If you're at all interested in true crime shows, then this course will captivate you all semester for sure.

The Graphic Novel (ENGL 251)

via @_lina_bellina_

Where my English buffs at? This intro-level english course takes another look at typical English classes through the analysis of the graphic novel.

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