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Fun Fact: The Habs Have As Many Playoff Wins In The Past 6 Days As Leafs Have In The Last 11 Years

Playoff fever has taken over the city and Montreal couldn't be happier, after all we're kicking some serious ass. Habs fans everywhere haven't been able to keep their excitement contained and have instead decided to taunt and shit talk our opponents on the internet. But it's not only Ottawa who's getting all the attention, internet users wouldnt dare ignore our greatest rivals of all, the Maple Leafs. After all, lest we forget, Leafs suck!

Need proof? How about the fact that the Montreal Canadiens have more playoff wins in the last 6 days than the Toronto Maple Leafs have had in the last 11 years! Believe dat.

Here are the leafs playoff stats from 2005-06 to 2014-15. As you can see the Leafs only made it to the playoffs once. And if you're curious about the result of that playoff run, well, have a look at the photo below:

There you have it, 3 lonely wins. Same as the Habs since the playoff started Wednesday night. So while we may be in a heated battle against Ottawa, there's always time to make fun of the Leafs.

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