Future Shop Is Closing All Across Canada

Future Shop is now a thing of the past.
Future Shop Is Closing All Across Canada

Photo cred - Paul F Barton

News broke this morning that the biggest electronic retailer in Canada is closing its doors after a major nationwide restructuring of its 130 stores, including 27 in Quebec.

According to Journal de Montreal, Future Shop has experienced significant drops in profit over the last few years, already seeing numerous locations closed over the last period. Employees were informed of this decision at an early-morning meeting on Saturday March 28, being told that Best Buy would likely take over many of the remaining Future Shop stores, except where a Best Buy was already located in close proximity. Best Buy acquired the Future Shop chain back in 2001.

It seems more and more major retailer chains are being forced to close down these days, this just a few months after Target confirmed it was pulling out of Canada. It's not like people are not buying anymore, just with online shopping becoming increasingly common, brick and mortar business just can't keep up. RIP Future Shop. You were always my favourite place to buy my gadgets and what have you.


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