Galactic Prints Are Here, There, Everywhere, Even Covering Your Raccoon Wounds

If you've been feeling sort of spacey this past month, don't sweat it- the moon, the stars and the planets are invading our eyes as well.

Whether it be on the runway or the streets of Montreal, galactic prints make it to the top of our charts among recent trends.

Galaxy prints have been popping up everywhere- from iPhone cases to denim shorts and leggings, even nail artists have been perfecting the pattern.

The print generally displays a dark solid base lit by vibrant bursts of silver, blue and purple colors.

The trend seems super fresh and creative, it's no doubt however, that its inspiration may have had something to do with the Beastie Boys' "Intergalactic". Or perhaps 90210's Luke Perry is dying for his 90's vest to make a come back.

Since visiting outer space is a bit unrealistic for this summer's adventures, sport the print instead- we love it, and are sure that it will make it as one of this summer's most favorite trends.

To shop galactic prints in Montreal, check out Urban Outfitters, Editorial Boutique and H&M.