Game Of Boobs? Yes, Game Of Boobs

This is, without a doubt, the most EPIC online quiz ever.
Game Of Boobs? Yes, Game Of Boobs

The number of Game of Thrones quizzes out there is pretty crazy, but you will not find another quiz like this one.

This is a quiz for the most avidwatcher and it is also the most accurate test to determine if you are, in fact, the biggest GoT fan.

This quiz tests your knowledge of boobs - yes, boobs - in Game of Thrones.

Whether you need to brush up on the various wonderful examples of the female body found in the show or you just need to disconnect for a bit to get your mind off of the chaos that was the season premiere, take this super-fun (and kind of NSFW) quiz.

Game of Boobs

Challenge your friends to figure out who really knows Game of Thrones!

Let us know what score you got in the comments below!

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