Game Of Thrones Explains Why Jon Snow Didn't Say Goodbye To Ghost... And It's The Worst Reason Ever

WARNING: There are some spoilers ahead for Season Eight, Episode Four (S08E04) of Game of Thrones. If you haven't watched that episode yet, you may want to save this article for after you've seen it!

The newest season of Game of Thrones has caused it's fair share of controversies so far, from short episode lengths to countless CGI flubs have fans questioning the production of this last and much-anticipated season.

At this point, fans are legitimately concerned that the show is wrapping up far too hastily and some of the storylines and details are suffering as a result. 

At perhaps the flub most foul, according to fans, was the fact that Jon failed to properly say goodbye to his direwolf Ghost when he was leaving Winterfell. 

There was, of course, the now infamous Starbucks coffee cup that was left in front of Daenerys at the start of the episode.

There was also thebotched representation of King's Landing that looked nothing like the king's landing we've seen in the last 7 seasons. 

But now, fans are convinced the writers don't have any pets of their own otherwise they never would have been able to let Jon leave his little pupper without properly saying goodbye one last time.

And what adds insult to injury is the seemingly feeble reason for WHY the show let Jon just walk away from his beloved friend.

In an interview withInsider, director David Nutter attempted to explain the reasoning behind it and instead just made it clear that with HBO it's budget over everything.

Worst of all, fans were right, the reason this happened was that the production team wanted to simplify the filming process because the wolves are filmed separately from the rest of the show and the visual effects team has to manually edit the scene frame by frame. 

We get it, but that still doesn't make this okay.

This is the final season of the show and now is not the time to starts skimping on the budget. If anything, you'd think they would've saved up a little extra cash to make this season the best one yet... Instead what we keep seeing is shortcuts, which is terribly disappointing. 

How did you feel about the Jon and 


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