Game Of Thrones Fans Are Convinced Jon Snow Will Die In The Series Finale, Here's Why

The son of ice and fire is poised to meet his end.
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Game Of Thrones Fans Are Convinced Jon Snow Will Die In The Series Finale, Here's Why

The penultimate episode of Game of Thrones set the stage for a dramatic series finale. After conquering the Westerosi capital of King's Landing, Daenerys Targaryen has secured her place as the queen of the Seven Kingdoms.

But seeking revenage after the death of her dragon Rhaegal and best friend Missandei, and insecure about her claim to the throne since Jon Snow revealed his true parentage, the once-Breaker of Chains decided to raze the city to demonstrate her power, killing untold thousands in the process.

So though she all but sits on the Iron Throne, her position is precarious. Her supposed allies and advisors, including Jon, Tyrion, and Arya, were left distraught over her brutality at the end of the last episode.

Many are anticipating, then, that the inevitable death of Daenerys will result in the rise of a reluctant but good Jon Snow, who is perhaps the central hero of Game of Thrones. Unfortunately, however, that may not be the case.

Following the twist in which the righteous Daenerys becomes the kind of despot she had always sought to destroy, fans posit that Jon, too, will not achieve the fate many had expected. A compelling theory holds that the son of ice and fire is poised to die in the final episode of the sprawling political drama.

Consider the evidence. Recall the moment in season 6 when Melisandre brings Jon Snow back to life at the will of the Lord of Light. Ladbible points tothe fate of other people who have been resurrected or whose life has been sustained with the help of the Lord of Light.

Both Melisandre and Beric Dondarrion, for example, died when they had finally fulfilled their divine calling — to bolster and protect the armies at Winterfell against the Army of the Dead.

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Considering that for nearly the entire series, Jon Snow's singular goal was the defeat of the Night King, Ladbible continues, then his "purpose" has also been fulfilled, meaning his death is imminent.

But I suggest that Jon's true purpose is to bring peace to Westeros and finally end the decade-long conflict that has consumed the continent — likely by killing Daenerys. Only then will the Lord of Light finally release his life.

The destruction of King's Landing and the Red Keep represents the dissolution of centralized power in Westeros. I expect the Seven Kingdoms to once again become separate states after the deaths of Daenerys and Jon. Sansa has already introduced this possibility by asking Daenerys to release the North after her victory over Cersei. 

Precedent definitely indicates that Jon will die. The question is how.

You can read Ladbible's summation of this theory here.

To summarize: The deaths of other characters who have been ressurrected by the Lord of Light suggest that Jon, too, will die before the end of the series.

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