Game Of Thrones Finally Responds To Coffee Cup Left In Scene Last Episode

Even Mothers of Dragons need their caffeine fix, apparently.
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Game Of Thrones Finally Responds To Coffee Cup Left In Scene Last Episode

If you watched Game of Thrones last night, you may have noticed one tiny detail that was out of place.

If you look closely at the table in the scene at the beginning of the episode when the crew celebrates their victory against the army of the dead, you can spot a small coffee cup sitting among other medieval-looking steins.

Upon closer inspection, you can almost make out a Starbuck's logo.

Considering that this anachronistic prop is smack in the center of one shot, you might think that Game of Thrones producers or editors would have noticed it.

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Well, apparently not. 

A statement posted to the Game of Thrones Twitter account confirms that the coffee cup was a mistake.

Jokes aside, we can perhaps assume that GoT actor Emilia Clarke, who plays Queen Daenerys, accidentally left her Starbucks order on set between takes.

The misplaced cup has become the meme of the day. Hundreds of people have taken to social media to poke fun at the mistake.

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This is apparently not the first time an object from our world has made it onto Game of Thrones. Other Twitter uses pointed to one scene in which a white pick-up truck is visible.

Apparently, Jaime was also holding a coffee cup during one of the royal weddings.

Stay tuned for more GoT news.

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