Game Of Thrones Screwed Up According To Some Fans And Accidentally Left Out Jaime Lannister's Golden Hand

 WARNING: This article may include light spoilers for the most recent episode of Game of Thrones, Season Eight, Episode Five (S08E05). We're not ruining any plot points, but there are pictures below from this episode and some talk about past seasons.

Well, Game of Thrones has done it again. It used to be that on Monday mornings, people wouldn't be able to shut up about the hit HBO show for all good reasons. Now, it seems that as the show is coming to a close, what people can't stop talking about is all the mistakes.

Particularly editing mistakes. Just last week, a coffee cup was spotted in a shot, displayed some very shoddy editing work on behalf of the GoT and HBO crew. Then, fans began to question the drastic differences in King's Landing scenery.

Now, it seems, the showrunners forgot a major season 3 plot point or otherwise are going to be held accountable for more terribly rushed editing... because Jaime Lannister's right hand is fully visible in one of the promo shots for last night's episode.

A lot of fans were particularly unimpressed with showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss for the slew of editing and continuity errors that have been cropping up in the season.

Whether they're being held to a timeline that is making it hard to hold the show to its previous standards, or they have just stopped caring, is unclear.

But these kinds of mistakes aren't seen on even the lowest budget TV shows... so how could a show like Game of Thrones keep letting this stuff slip through the cracks?

And wouldn't you think that last week's mishap would have them going over the upcoming episodes with a fine-toothed comb?!

These images are from promo shots, though, so it could have just been a mistake of using a behind the scenes or an unedited shot of the scene as the promo image that caused this error. Still... is anyone paying attention?!

The tweet above brings up the questions I have... what could possess such a beloved and scrutinized show to be so careless?

While this image is not in the episode itself (trust us, we checked. Three times.) it still is beyond hilarious that they would use this image to promote the show with such a blatant mistake.

Luckily a lot of fans have gone straight to the memes, which helps soothe the anger, right?

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It's still a straight mystery how they could let something like this get used as promo... but we'll keep you posted with any details as they come to light.

Hopefully, all future Game of Thrones articles we write are about how they got everything right... especially as we come up to the final episode ever.

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