Game Of Thrones Will Be Screened On IMAX This Month

The biggest series hits the biggest screen.
Game Of Thrones Will Be Screened On IMAX This Month

Incredibly popular, amazingly gory, and filled with boobs (with some d in the mix, thankfully) it's no surprise Game of Thrones has become the most popular television series on the air. We're all waiting in anticipation for season 5 to hit small screens in April, but we'll (hopefully) get an early dose of GoT on the giant screens, as HBO will be screening two episodes on IMAX at the end of the month.

Entirely remastered for the full IMAX experience, episodes 9 & 10 (aka The Watchers on the Wall & The Children) will grace IMAX theatres from January 23rd to 29th. Better yet, the two eps will be preluded by an exclusive only-in-IMAX trailer for season five, which is reason enough to pay for a ticket.

Game of Throne's IMAX debut will be held at over 150 IMAX theatres across the U.S., though specifics have yet to be released on Online sources have stated more details will be released in the next few days, which we pray to the God of Seven will include venues in Canada, and most importantly, Montreal.

HBO knows GoT is wildly popular in our fair nation, and the series was already screened in Montreal theatres last year, so it seems very likely that we'll get IMAX screenings of the Lannisters, Starks, and the Queen of Dragons too. We'll confirm when we know fo sho.

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