Gang Of Hungry Racoons Breaks Into Montreal Home (Video)

Their mission: eat cat food.
Gang Of Hungry Racoons Breaks Into Montreal Home (Video)

Montreal might be a big city, but despite our urban jungle landscape, we still are home to a ton of furry urban dwellers.

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Depending on which area of the city you live in, during the summer it's very common to spot all kinds of animals roaming around the city. Some of them are even super dangerous! Early this summer we had an issue of wild coyotes roaming around the streets of Ahunstic attacking innocent people and dogs.

Another common beady-eyed animal that you can find roaming the streets of Montreal at night in the search of a tasty garbage dinner is none other than the pointy-nosed raccoon.

We came across this insane video of not one, not two, but SEVEN raccoons trying to weasel their way up onto a Montrealers patio in an attempt to get their hungry little paws on a bowl of cat food.

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The cat just sits there, chill as a cucumber, as the raccoons eat away at its food. Savages.

What I find the most surprising is that the raccoons aren't even phased by the presence of humans. These are some really tough city raccoons, don't mess with 'em.

Spot any animals up to no good around town? Don't forget to send us any awesome animal videos!

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