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Gas Will Be More Expensive Than Ever Before In Montreal

Time to bike to work, I guess.
Gas Will Be More Expensive Than Ever Before In Montreal

If you own a car in Montreal, you may be rather unhappy in the weeks to come, because gas prices have gone up and will probably continue to do so. 

Overnight, Montreal gas prices went up 10 cents to $1.26.9/litre of gas, reports CBC. 

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So if you didn’t fill up on gas last night, you may have missed your only shot at more affordable prices. 

Hurricane Harvey, which is currently pummelling Texas with rain, is to blame for the uptick in gas prices in the Montreal area. 

Texas-based oil refineries, situated on the Texas Gulf Coast, had to shut down in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, hindering the amount of gas and diesel that could be exported to Canada. 

Less supply causes a higher demand, which is why gas prices are up. And it’s not going to stop anytime soon. 

Industry experts say the “steep price hikes” are likely to be seen in Montreal, and throughout North America, over the next several weeks, as the storm continues. 

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