GATE Is Throwing A Huge Party For Their Launch

You will not want to miss this.

Photo Cred - Max Cooper

On Saturday 6th, Société Des Arts Technologiques will be hosting the launch party of GATE, a new media platform in Montreal. Taken from their Facebook page, GATE is your entrance to an underground universe where you can enjoy, with friends & simplicity, good music at Their website is still under construction but there is definitely the feeling of passionate work flowing through their social media presence. Watch out for GATE in a near future for more events and lovely sounds.

GATE's first appearance as an event curator and platform will be through performances of Max Cooper, Groj & George J Peretz. Max Cooper is a UK based techno artist who has already released more than 50 tracks in the past years. With more than 80 000 likes on Facebook we can state he has a very consistent and loyal fan base all around the world. It's the second time the European artist will come to Montreal, which is pretty exciting to all of Montreal's techno music scene. Max actually just released an EP on December 1st named The Kindred which you can find here. It is his first solo EP.

For the night, he will be sided by local DJs Groj and George J Peretz. Groj, who currently resides in Montreal but grew up in Grenoble, France, vibes experimental techno and electronic sounds. You can check out an interview of Groj with ELIPTIK Magazine here. Peretz's sounds can be found right here.

If you are not already aware, SAT throws the absolute best events. Whether it is showcases of Montreal artists or international ones, the place is packed and ready to trash all night long. Furthermore, SAT is having a huge New Years Eve party with many artists such as Prison Garde, Seb Diamond, Hatchmatik and Bordello. You can view the event here. SAT last event was SOUK@SAT where designers from all over Montreal had the chance to showcase their talent and products. SOUK@SAT was covered by MTL Blog and you can view the photos right here. It was an all around beautiful creative celebration.


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