Some people sign petitions or let out their anger on social media, but this Brazilian couple decided to strip down buck naked in the middle of the streets of São Paulo for a photo shoot to protest homophobia in the South American country. Surprisingly, until as of late Brazil had always been an extremely gay-friendly country, who even hosted the world's largest gay rights parade. However, they've recently had a string of homophobic and transphobic attacks and beatings that are changing the way many people think.

The couple, Felippe and Marlon wanted their protest to help with the activism against current conservative politics. They released a statement, and explained why they chose that particular area, saying "Of all the countless times I’ve been to São Paulo, none of them I skipped visiting the bright and grand Paulista Avenue. The biggest symbol of the city, also scene of several activists marches and conservative attacks." And the whole idea for being naked came from the fact that they want everyone to "rethink a city naked of its prejudices."

It was a pretty bold and risky statement, there's no denying that, and it has definitely garnered them a lot of attention. I just hope that it isn't taken too negatively, because whether you're gay or not, taking a naked photoshoot in the middle of a public street usually isn't received too well.

Check out the rest of the NSFW photo shoot below: 

A social media ad calling for plasma donors has garnered hundreds of "likes" and "shares." But it has also sparked controversy with over a dozen commenters accusing Héma-Québec of homophobic practices that exclude gay men.

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