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General Tao Calamari Is The Chinese Food You Will Want To Eat Now

Culinary worlds collide and create a masterpiece.
General Tao Calamari Is The Chinese Food You Will Want To Eat Now

Photo cred - Reddit

Everyone's heard of Kung Pao and General Tao chicken, not only are they delicious, but Kung Pao is just a pretty awesome name. (Though I was super disappointed when I found out it wasn't spelled Kung-POW!) And if you've never tried it, you probably tried General Tao beef or shrimp.

A San Jose restaurant called Burnt Rice decided to think outside the box and instead choose Calamari to be the star of their dish. And although Kung Pao chicken is normally just stir fried, the calamari appear to be lightly battered and fried, making this dish a fusion between Kung Pao and General Tao.

This succulent dish may not be available nearby yet, (and we know this because it would have been featured in our list of Best Montreal Chinese Foods) but we figure that if enough people share this photo, Montreal restaurants will take notice and at least one of the will be smart enough to put this item on their menu. So let's make this happen people, for the greater good!

Meanwhile if you're hungry for more you can always look through our list of the Best Montreal Chinese Food Restaurants Outside Of Chinatown.

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